How risky is your ACFI advice when maximising funding?

There are many external ACFI consultants claiming to maximise funding for residential aged care providers. While there is an undeniable need for correct claiming, relying on the ability to increase ACFI funding can directly lead to an increase in questionable claiming of these subsidies.

The current health minister announced that 1 in 8 of 20,000 ACFI claims last year were incorrect or false. In response, auditing will increase, and ...

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Are Medication Competent Carers the Future of Aged Care?

There are plans by the government to claw back more than 1.8 billion dollars over the next 4 years by concentrating on complex care in residential aged care. A large part of these savings will come from areas surrounding medication administration to care recipients by reducing their Aged Care Funding Instrument (ACFI) classifications from high to medium.

This reclassification will be profound and will effectively force aged care pro...

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