Unlike other E-Learning and Compliance solutions, we are community and residential care specialists. When you become a MedeHealth customer, you have access to the most comprehensive range of care related topics in Australia. Use MedeHealth to deliver a directed learning programme, give staff access to any modules they choose or refer to our modules anytime as an ongoing resource - The choice is yours.


Consumer Directed Care

Community and Residential aged care providers are continually striving to improve their service and reputation. Consumer Directed Care principles have become part of the Home Care Packages and will be extended into Residential aged care with the aim of improving the choices and available services for care recipients. Our extensive range of Consumer Directed Care modules support the continuing education and growth of aged care providers and their staff.


Legislated Training

We help aged care providers to reduce their costs. Instead of paying for multiple training platforms and external educators that only provide part of your staff training obligations, MedeHealth gives access to mandatory training modules (Elder Abuse, Reportable Assaults, Infection Prevention & Control, Workplace Diversity, WHS/OHS, Manual Handling, Fire Safety & Emergency & Absconding) plus our Communication and Behaviours, Direct Care, Advanced Care and Medication modules.


Medication Competent Carers

Funding for medication management is being reduced. Around 70% of the aged care workforce is made up of care workers who are being required to take on greater responsibilities. Medication administration is one of these key areas where we can help. With more than 20 medication modules designed to maintain and develop medication skills for care staff, we support our customers in this ever-changing environment to ensure that care recipients are receiving safe, quality care.


Align Your Operations

Keeping track of staff training across an organisation with one or multiple locations can get messy. Multiple spreadsheets, different platforms, booking external educators - the list goes on. MedeHealth assists aged care providers to align their staff training and development with their corporate goals, while providing quality care and improving staff knowledge. We map all of our modules against the legislation, standards and guidelines set out for aged care providers by the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency.

Quick MedeHealth Overview

Have you noticed that all of the community and residential care E-learning platforms currently on the the market are either - limited in the number of modules they provide or not really community or residential care specific at all?  In just a few minutes we'll show you why MedeHealth is the preferred choice for some of Australia's largest service providers.


Effortless Rollout

Stop wasting your time on administration and start improving the outcomes for your care recipients.

We are experts in rolling out e-learning training to community and residential care providers. We will work with you to select the training modules for your first training programme while our learning management system takes care of the heavy lifting. Your online staff development and compliance training can commence within just a few days!

We can also help with new staff induction to ensure they have completed the required legislated modules before they start their first shift. EASY!

Internal & Agency Reporting

Key training statistics at a glance.

We put your organisation's key training data at your fingertips. Everything is online and accessible to you so you can see in real-time the progress your staff are making with their training. There is no need to maintain paper-based training registers, MedeHealth keeps all of your training data online and simplifies the record keeping processes for your compliance reporting to the Aged Care Accreditation & Quality Agency.

Consistency in Learning Outcomes

We Ensure Everyone in your Organisation receives the same Training.

We provide a scalable and consistent approach to staff training and development. Unlike traditional face to face training, every training session delivered through MedeHealth ensures the same information is delivered to all of your staff, in all locations, every time.

Provide Help Where it's Needed

Powerful tracking and reporting so you can respond quickly.

Our reports have been designed so that you can quickly identify locations or staff who are struggling to complete their required training. Early intervention can help get anyone who may be struggling to complete the modules back on track.

Large Range of Aged Care Modules

We are the most comprehensive e-learning provider to Community and Residential Care in Australia.

We pride ourselves on both our clinical and non-clinical aged cared topics. Each module has been developed with our industry partners and is mapped against the Legislation, Standards and Guidelines directly related to Australian Care Providers.

Your One-Stop Shop for Record Keeping

Store all of your training records within our user-friendly system.

Keep all of your training records in the one place. We give you the ability to store non-MedeHealth training achievements against your employees' training records in MedeHealth. Want to add your own modules, induction package or videos to MedeHealth? No problem, we can do that too. 

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